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Atlas Copco provides equipment for drilling and rock excavation and offer a complete range of related services and consumables. 

Primary product development and manufacturing units are located in Sweden, the United States, Canada, China and India. The main hub for research and development is located in Örebro, Sweden, where a designated team of engineers will evaluate your idea.


We innovate for surface and underground mining, infrastructure, public works, well drilling and geotechnical applications. Rock excavation is an expensive business and much of our product development in this field is related to lowering mining and construction costs by improving customers’ productivity. Through increasing the efficiency of a drill, for example, we can reduce its energy consumption and emissions. Safety and automation are increasingly important in the mining industry. 

Focus areas: 

  • Hydraulics 

  • Automation technology 

  • New methods for rock removal 

  • Cemented carbides 

  • Engine technology 

  • Software and electronics related to mining automation 

  • Sensors, for instance using cameras, lasers or ultrasound 

  • Technologies for loading and hauling 

  • Drill bits and drill steel

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