Our Products

Being a leading aggregate and industrial supply company means you need to have a leading product line to offer to your customers. Carefully selected vendors allow us to offer some of the best wear parts, and supplies in the industry, at an affordable cost. Quick handling and delivery times means your downtime is minimized, so you can get back to work. This is the main philosophy behind our business strategy at Horton Supply. Customer Service is our specialty, and we take great pride in that. Check out some of our main products here:

Conveyor Belt

Conveyor Belting is a huge part of the aggregate industry as a whole, so naturally having good conveyor belt to offer our customers is key. Metso Minerals belting is our "flagship" conveyor belt line. All of our Metso belt is capped edge and offered primarily in two classes. Our "economy" belt is an industry standard specification (330# PIW) and it can save our customers front end costs. We also offer our "premium" belt (375# PIW), which uses a heavier fabric in the belt. For applications that put a lot of weight on the belt, or involve material dropping from excessive heights, this is your best bet. We also offer a huge variety of other weights, plies, and top covers to give you the perfect belt for your needs.

Conveyor Idlers

Conveyor idlers are another main focus of ours. carrying PPI and Martin idlers ensures we have all standard sizes and degrees of idler in stock, and ready to ship out of our Springfield or Fenton locations. We also carry M.J Dunn replacement cans for stub-shaft style idler frames. Drop-Bracket style replacement cans are also available in a variety of sizes and styles.

Screening Media

Screening Media is a vital part of the crushing and aggregate industry, and we treat it as such. Metso Minerals is our primary supplier of screen media. Most sizes are ready to be cut to size in-house at our Springfield warehouse. Specialty wire sizes can be ordered in at any time, giving us the ability to offer a wide variety of wire sizes, and types, as well as poly-clean screens, and Trellex panels to our customers. 

Crusher Parts

Your crusher is the heart of your quarry, and as such keeping it running is top priority. We're paired with Spokane, Dew's Foundry, and Magotteaux, to ensure that we can get you thew wear parts you need, when you need them (hopefully ahead of a hard part failure) so your downtime is next to none. We offer a large variety of parts, including different alloys giving us even more options to offer up for our customers. We're very proud to offer one of the best crusher parts product lines in the industry.

Electric Motors and Gear Reducers

Just as any other part in an operation, a good motor is needed to keep your material moving. The gearbox between that motor and the conveyor has to be able to handle the load and run smoothly despite the strain for hours at a time. Worldwide Electric & ABB Electric are the vendors we've chosen to help us succeed in this, at an affordable price. We can supply any size motor, mount, and gear reducer. We have many of the standard sizes in one of our warehouses ready to be delivered. 

We also have an extensive variety of bearings, bushings, and shafting on-hand ready to be delivered.

Other Parts

On top of our flagship product lines, we have a large variety of parts centered around the inner workings of quarries and other aggregate job sites. From hoses, bucket teeth, drive sheaves, and bushings, chain and hoists, safety gear, to just about everything in between, we have (or can get) everything you need to keep working. All at a good price point.