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Classic Wire

Metso Trellex has developed ULTRALOY, a new wire alloy for the aggregate industry . Ultraloy wire has the optimum combination of strength, ductility and abrasion resistance. These properties, combined  with advanced manufacturing processes, deliver  a product that will produce up to 30% increase in wear life in even the most demanding applications.

Astroloy - Stainless Steel

Astroloy is an extremely hard, abrasion and corrosion resistant metal. This metal excels when used in applications where the material is extremely abrasive and chemically corrosive. The smooth surface of the metal prevents material from adhering to it, making it ideal in applications where the material is damp and prone to blinding.

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Synthetic Screen Media

We provide the largest range of such products in the world! A position held thanks to a combination of product design, experience of applications, and materials. As a bonus, by using Trellex screening media combined with Trellex dust sealing, noise levels are reduced.
Trellex Modular Step System is the optimum modular system and fits all screening machines. Modules in both rubber and polyurethane make our modular system suitable for all types of screening. Rubber and polyurethane modules can be mixed on the same deck to provide the optimum solution for your application. The unique cascade effect improves screening accuracy and throughput. The Trellex range incorporates several different types of polyurethane modules, and many different rubber thicknesses’ in both soft and hard rubber, with both molded and punched apertures.


Introducing new Metso Pin System


Metso is introducing a new attachment system for its Trellex(TM) screening media. This new pin system increases productivity by making media change-outs safer and faster than that of traditional systems. 

Until now, the removal of worn-out pin and sleeve screening media modules has been a time-consuming undertaking.  There is no need to use a hammer when installing and removing screening media. The specially developed pins can be screwed into place as well as removed using an impact driver. The new attachment system cuts the change-out time considerably, resulting in higher up-time and productivity.

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